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Transformative Drainage, Irrigation, Hardscape, and Landscape Revitalization in Pensacola, FL

June 25, 2024

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Our initial engagement with our esteemed client centered around addressing the issue of persistent backyard flooding. Through our meticulous efforts, we successfully implemented a comprehensive drainage system, complemented by a sophisticated irrigation setup.

The scope of the project naturally evolved, leading us to venture into the realm of hardscaping. A rejuvenated pool deck and coping, adorned in the timeless Riviera Stone's Dark Gray hue, became a focal point of our creative endeavors. To enhance the aesthetic and functionality, the existing retaining walls were gracefully upgraded with the elegant Anchor Highland Stone in the shade of Graystone.

Our artistic vision extended to the pathways as well, where the exquisite Stabil Tahiti Paver in the captivating Sharkstooth shade wove its way through the side front yard, meandering alongside a lengthy trail in the backyard. This path seamlessly guided residents and guests alike, connecting a charming firepit patio and eventually converging onto the boat deck overlooking the tranquil bayou.

To enliven the landscape, our client expressed a desire for a diverse selection of flora. We meticulously curated an array of botanical wonders, ranging from the regal Holly trees to the delicate Camellias, vibrant Drift Roses, Pittosporum, and the exotic allure of Shell Ginger. Complementary touches were added through the inclusion of Blue Dazed, Sunshine Ligustrum, and Breeze Grass, all harmoniously interplaying with the timeless elegance of aromatic Gardenias, Agapanthus, Flax Lily, Cast Iron plants, Liriope, and Gold Lantana.

Furthermore, we embraced the concept of ambient illumination, thoughtfully incorporating a series of Sterling Lighting's path lights, inline luminaires, and spotlights. As the sun sets, these fixtures imbue the surroundings with a gentle and inviting radiance, transforming evenings into a warm and enchanting experience.

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