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Foley Landscaping Contractor And Landscape Design

Foley, AL

Foley is a town full of great shopping, tons of activities and tourist. These tourist drive through your town and expect to see a well kept area. This includes the maintenance of your yard. If you have just been cutting your grass every Saturday, you might not be living up to the city’s reputation. The only way to keep your yard looking amazing all year long is to hire a professional Foley landscaping contractor.

The Wallace Company extends our landscaping services into the Foley district. As a professional Foley landscaping contractor, we provide landscaping designs, landscaping maintenance, outdoor lighting and more. Our professionals have the ability to help you create one of the kind landscapes and properly maintenance them throughout the entire year.

Since 1973, we have been providing clients with personalized landscapes and hardscapes that go beyond the artistic and become an extension of their home or business. It is our goal to help clients imagine their yard in a whole new light. We provide high quality results at a reasonable price.

Foley Landscape Designs

When you want to improve the exterior appearance of your home or business, the first thing you need to do is create a customize landscape design plan.

The Wallace Company has an experienced landscape design team that can help you create the dream look you desire. We work a variety of different plants, flowers, trees and hardscapes.

Our professionals understand the Foley district, and we know exactly what type of flowers and plants will work best in your yard. We can even help you create a low maintenance yard for easy maintenance services. With our professional Foley landscaping contractor, the design possibilities for your yard are endless.

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Foley Landscaping Maintenance

When you install a brand new landscape, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a customized look even after the yard is fully installed. Not only does your grass need cutting regularly, but certain plants will require watering at certain times and your hardscapes need proper cleaning. To ensure that your yard always look great, you should take advantage of our professional landscaping maintenance service.

The Wallace Company has professional landscapers who understand the importance of properly maintaining a landscape after you have it installed. We believe in provide our clients with long term maintenance services that will help them keep their yard looking great, even when the weather and climate doesn’t cooperate.

Foley Outdoor Lighting

You work so hard for your yard to look great throughout the day. Why shouldn’t it look great at night too? The Wallace Company also specializes in the installation of outdoor lighting that can highlight your garden features and give your home a great curb appeal even after the sunsets.

Our professional have the skills to safely run wires throughout your yard to create a customize look to compliment your yard’s style. We use a variety of different lights including flood lights, spot lights, string lights, pathway lights and more.

These lights will not only make your yard look great, but they will also add an extra sense of security. Homes and businesses that are well lit at night are less likely to fall victim to crimes. For professional outdoor lighting installations, call the experts at The Wallace Company.

Zip Codes We Provide Landscaping in Foley, AL

  • 36535
  • 36555
  • 36511