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Pine Straw Installation Services

Pine Straw

Making the wise decision to opt for pine straw installation for your Gulf Breeze and Pensacola landscaping is going to provide you with a number of important benefits. And The Wallace Company is just the landscape maintenance team to call for this type of service.

Scheduling Pensacola pine straw delivery ensures that your landscaping will not only look better but begin to truly thrive. As mulch that is produced by nature, you can feel good about implementing it into your flower beds.

Understanding the Benefits

If you are considering hiring a landscaping company for your pine straw installation, you will be glad that you did. Some of the advantages you can expect from this type of project include:

  • Pine straw mulch is ideal for weed control. A thicker base of these needles and weeds don't stand a chance to grow through while your healthy plants thrive.
  • What better way to add to the visual aesthetics of your yard than with pine straw? The beautiful auburn color highlights your colorful blooms and even makes green plants seem more vibrant. However, this neutral shade doesn't take attention away from your plant life being the focal point.
  • Pine straw installation also helps with erosion control. That is a trait other options for mulch cannot claim. Plus, because the needles won't float or wash away, you don't have to worry about it not lasting for a long time.

The bottom line is that it is time for you to find out for yourself how this service can benefit you. To learn more about the benefits of Pensacola pine straw installation, or to go ahead and schedule this service for your home, give us a call.

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