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Fairhope Landscape Designs And Landscape Maintenance Company

Fairhope, AL

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to your home. Your yard is the first thing that guest see when they are driving up to visit you. When you are selling your house, you need your curb appeal to be perfect. There are several benefits to a great curb appeal, and you can achieve these by hiring a professional Fairhope landscaper.

The Wallace Company is a high qualified landscaper that provides Fairhope landscaping designs and landscaping maintenance services. We believe in helping you create a beautifully landscaped yard, and we help you maintain that yard all year long.

Since 1973, The Wallace Company has been a Northwest Florida and Gulf Coast premier and full-service landscape contractor. It is our goal to help customers extend their personal style through their landscapes and into the community. We can create the landscapes and hardscapes that you have always dreamed about for your home.

Fairhope Landscape Designs

There is a lot of work that goes into landscaping an entire yard. You have to know more than just what you want for your home. You have to know what plants work best in your climate. You have to know what type of soil you have in your yard, and you need to know how much sunlight your yard gets on a daily basis. There are all issues that a professional landscaper can help you determine.

The Wallace Company provides Fairhope landscaping designs that will have your home’s yard looking amazing. We use a combination of landscaping and hardscaping for a unique look. Hardscapes are features such as pathways and stone walls. These features add a unique touch to your home.

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Fairhope Landscape Maintenance

After you have our professionals create you a beautiful landscaped yard, you will require help maintaining it. Maintaining the flowers and plants in your yard all year long can be challenging. The best way to keep your home’s exterior appearance beautiful is to hire a professional.

The Wallace Company specializes in landscape maintenance services that will keep your yard looking great even when the rest of the neighborhood looks dreary. Our professionals understand the proper maintenance of professionally designed landscapes, and we can provide you with a regularly scheduled maintenance service to keep your yard looking great.

Fairhope Outdoor Kitchens

When you are entertaining guest outside your home, there is one that they will make all of the difference. An outdoor kitchen can add style and ease to any outdoor celebration. When you want to add a unique feature to your home and increase the resale value of your house, consider adding a professional outdoor kitchen.

The Wallace Company can provide the installation of several different outdoor kitchen features including a fire pit, a grilling system, an outdoor refrigerator and more. We can even help you design a customized outdoor kitchen with countertops, flooring and a covering. Cooking will become more of a joy when you can do it outdoors.

The Wallace Company is a professional Fairhope landscaper that believes in providing high quality landscaping designs, maintenance, outdoor kitchen installations and more. You can depend on our professionals for high quality results at a reasonable price.

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