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Bayfront Oasis: Hardscaping in Pensacola, FL

June 25, 2024

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At the core of this hardscape design lies a grand paver driveway and a network of walkways, meticulously constructed using Tremron Mega Olde Towne pavers in the striking Glacier color. These were artfully accented with a 6"x9" border, lending an air of sophistication to the property's entrance.

The hardscape didn't stop there. We crafted beautiful garden raised beds, an inviting firepit, and sturdy retaining walls using Tremron Stonegate 6" blocks, elegantly finished with caps in the exquisite Granite hue. These elements weren't just functional; they were thoughtfully designed to create enchanting spaces for relaxation and socializing. Imagine cozying up around the firepit or taking in the bay views from a second seating area.

Our landscaping company's plan also prioritized the lushness of the greenery. We installed pristine Empire Zoysia sod to provide a plush, uniform green canvas. To ensure privacy and add a touch of elegance, a row of sweet viburnums was thoughtfully planted, creating a natural barrier between neighboring properties. Strategically we placed Podocarpus as added an extra layer of privacy and charm to the front of the yard.

The landscape was further enriched with a delightful array of plantings. Variegated shell ginger, loropetalum, muhly grass, sea oats, liriope, and Texas sage were carefully selected to introduce texture, color, and visual interest to the outdoor space. Additionally, a dazzling variety of colorful flowers were incorporated, ensuring that the landscape would be a constantly changing tapestry of natural beauty.

In sum, our team at The Wallace Company poured heart and soul into transforming this newly built bayfront house into an outdoor haven where hardscape elegance seamlessly melds with the beauty of nature. It's not just a functional space but a place where you can relish the bay's serenity while being surrounded by carefully curated greenery and blossoms that make every moment in the yard a delightful experience.

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