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Why You Should Build a Pergola on Your Pensacola Property

Why You Should Build A Pergola On Your Pensacola Property

If you're looking for an outdoor feature that will improve your Pensacola home's property value and add shade and privacy, discuss pergolas with a trusted landscaping company. A pergola is a simple, affordable structure that can be customized in a variety of ways. Pergolas aren't enclosed entirely, but they define outdoor spaces clearly. Before you decide to build a pergola on your lawn, consider how you can furnish and decorate the space.

What Should You Include in Your Pergola Design?

  • Swing – A swing is a unique seating alternative that many homeowners are incorporating in their pergola designs. Swing benches or beds provide spaces for relaxation and lounging, and they look great with a combination of shelves, torches, and post lights.
  • Hot Tub – Hot tubs are common outdoor features, and if you want to install one, consider placing it beneath your pergola. The pergola will provide some additional privacy without hindering air circulation.
  • Outdoor Shower – Adding an outdoor shower to your pergola creates a luxurious atmosphere, and it's also practical if you utilize your pool or garden often and require a shower after spending time outdoors. Your landscaping contractor can attach your pergola to an exterior back wall of your home and then install the shower with your preferred hardware and stonework design.
  • Fire Pit – If you entertain and dine outdoors often, consider building a fire pit underneath your pergola. Pair your fire pit with bench seating, and you have the perfect place to host parties and picnics.

Experienced Pensacola Landscaping Professionals

A pergola may be just the thing to enhance your Pensacola home's exterior and landscaping. If you're interested in building a pergola, contact The Wallace Company to discuss design options with our landscaping experts.