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Top 3 Landscaping Trends

Top 3 Landscaping Tips

Even here in Pensacola, winter months mean cooler weather. It can be difficult to begin thinking about planning now for when spring returns, but it’s a good idea to do so. Having the perfect summer landscaping starts by planning before spring even arrives. Plus, it’s good to have something to look forward to so you can think about the time that the cooler weather is gone.

As we begin winter, you can start getting excited for your landscaping plans for 2020. Working with expert landscaping professionals is the best way to get the superior landscaping look you want for your Florida yard.

Planning Your Perfect Yard

Planning for landscaping in our state is different than other parts of the country. We get more year-round use, and things stay green longer, so planning for a local landscape is unique.

It also means you have options and trends that are specific to the region. For the year 2020, some common landscaping trends to expect are:

  • More Indoor Features - Outdoor living spaces have become more popular than ever; that’s nothing new. However, incorporating more of the indoor creature comforts is big this year. It’s about blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors more. Extend your living room outside with comfortable couches and chairs. If you can lounge indoors, you should be able to do the same outdoors.
  • Minimalist Lighting - For years now, the brighter and wilder the lighting, the better. Now, homeowners are seeking ways to tone back a bit. Landscape lighting is still an essential element; it’s just getting a more modern, minimalist, and sleek makeover. This will beautify your yard and illuminate walkways, without acting as a flashy light show.
  • Smart Technology - There’s just no way to ignore the fact that smart technology is in every aspect of our lives now, and we’re here to embrace it. Now, you’ll find even more options for implementing smart technology into your great outdoors. Activate or program your retractable screen, bringing natural outdoor elements that much closer to your indoors.

Getting Expert Advice & Service

Don’t do your planning alone; call in the pros to help with your home’s exterior. Contact our team of Pensacola landscaping professionals and see what a true difference quality makes.

At The Wallace Company, we stay current with what’s in fashion for landscaping trends. We want your yard to look on point, and that means making sure you’re up to date with the latest options that are available. You can keep it classic or as modern as it comes, and we’ll lead the way to achieve that for your yard. Make sure your dream home looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors.