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Our Current Projects

Our Current Projects

After the coldest January in memory, February continues that same trend. Global warming took 2014 off, I guess. Things at The Wallace Company never slow down unless Mother Nature forces us too. In unprecedented fashion, we were closed multiple times during this Winter and even had a couple of snow days. I haven’t seen a snow day since my days as a kid in Minnesota.

We have been extremely busy with multiple commercial jobs. The Pensacola Beach Beautification continues planting trees on the North side of ViaDeluna. We have contacted all residents and enjoyed meeting and discussing the plans with curious residents. Shane and I have been dealing with the unique and colorful locals reassuring them of our noble intentions. Many people cannot believe that we are actually giving them the trees with No Strings Attached. A planted palm tree is usually about $250/ea. In many cases, the homeowner is getting 10+ trees at a value of $2500. WOW!

Work started at Walmart Pine Forest Corners which will be completed by 5/14/14. We started sleeving the parking lot and one of the entrances. Work will continue through the landscape planting with completion in May. Rain and freezing weather has not yet affected their timetable which is amazing.

Things are not so good at the Spanish Fort Community Center where rain has pushed their completion date out 6 months. Look at our Facebook page to see the mudfest we are not looking forward to. Sleeves are in some spots with more to come. No idea when we will start or finish that job.

Sonny Callahan airport in Fairhope just started. Hopefully that job will be easy peasy. It is a small commercial irrigation system that we installed sleeving for this month. The remainder should be one or two days once they get the structure completed in about 3 months.