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Getting The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Getting The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you’ve been considering the different types of outdoor kitchens available to include with your Destin home, there can be an overwhelming amount of options out there on the market. First and foremost, you will want to consider exactly how much you want to spend, and then seek the assistance of an experienced design professional. Conducting the installation of an outdoor kitchen is best with the aid of a skilled contractor, as they will be able to answer many of your questions and help guide you in the proper direction, while keeping the project under budget.

Not every outdoor kitchen has to be a huge expense, as there are more moderate and affordable measures that can be taken when constructing one. Truly, the limit on what you achieve is determined by how much you are willing to budget to the project. Due to this, you need to consider what it is exactly that you want, and what aspects of the improvement are most important to you.

  • Kitchen Island: This is the most common upgrade to an outdoor kitchen, and one that can be taken in a variety of directions. Depending on the surface that you decide upon, this could either be a major expense, or one that doesn’t make too major of an impact on the overall cost. Granite, marble, and stone counters are going to cost you a great deal more than some of the other options. However, a kitchen island is a great addition to boost the functionality of your outdoor kitchen, as it provides both a preparation area and often seating space as well.
  • Get a High Quality Grill: This is one of the most important parts of your outdoor kitchen, and should be one of the areas that you spend the most. If you are going to cut back elsewhere on your outdoor kitchen, it should not be on the grill. You will want to look into a grill that will withstand the weather, avoid rusting, and have adequate cooking space to meet your needs.
  • Consider an Oven: Brick ovens are another popular addition to outdoor kitchens if you decide to go a route other than the grill. Some kitchens actually go with both options, offering several different cooking methods which can provide for very different results. Brick ovens also present attractive masonry options that can be taken advantage of to create a unique kitchen environment.
  • Outdoor Sinks: While not a must, an outdoor sink will increase the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. However, you should take into consideration that due to the nature of plumbing and other concerns, this will cause a significant increase in the overall cost of the home improvement. A sink should likely be one of the last options that you consider.
  • Electrical Outlets: You are transforming part of your outdoor environment into an entertainment, dining, and cooking area. With this being the case, you will need to make certain that electrical wiring is run and outlets are placed to provide you with ample access to electricity when you need it. You should not go with the bare minimum of outlets, as you will likely find yourself strapped for options when needed. Instead, install more outlets than you think you might otherwise need.
  • Seating: Determine where the eating area will be. Will you be using the countertop that you included, or will outdoor dining happen at a different area? Whatever the case, make certain that you have a good clear environment for adequate seating. Avoid creating a seating area that is too dense and will get in the way of the high traffic spaces of your kitchen.

When you do decide to go forward with constructing your outdoor kitchen, it will be paramount to get the help of a professional Destin remodeler like the experts at The Wallace Company. An experienced Destin contractor will be able to provide you with the results you are after, all while helping you make wise decisions that will make your outdoor kitchen a thing of beauty.