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Pergola Design & Installation Services

Pensacola and all of the Gulf Coast is the perfect place to add a pergola, as sort of an outdoor living space. These structures are made up of cross rafters without walls and let in light and air.

Generally larger than arbors, you need just the right pergola design and installation team to provide you with superior service for optimal results. Call on The Wallace company for your pergola design & installation and you can rest assured you will be beyond satisfied with the final results.


Would A Pergola Be Right For You?

Your pergola design and installation may result in a freestanding or attached structure, that's up to you. However, either way, some of the reasons that this is a benefit to have include but are not limited to:

  • While it may not offer protection from the rain, it does offer some shelter from the sun, as well as some privacy and seclusion.
  • As part of a more sophisticated landscape design, you may also opt to grow climbing vines. This enhances the visual aesthetics, as well as provides additional shade.
  • Your pergola installation makes for the perfect focal point of your overall landscaping design. Whether you keep it simple or dress it up with vines and hanging baskets, either way, it will add visual interest.
  • Or your pergola design could be to help you maximize your utilitarian outdoor space. This allows you to plan outdoor events, host parties and other functions.

Trust us as your Pensacola landscaping company for all of your exterior services, including pergola design, and you are guaranteed to be elated with the final results.

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